October 2015 News

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October 2015 News

Virgo Trio and the Lunar Eclipse in Aries

VirgoI wonder how many of you have experienced the recent upswing in Virgo activities described in the last newsletter. Suddenly, as if by magic, many friends and clients (myself included) were engulfed by necessities requiring roofing, cleaning, fixing, and other maintenance demands far more then in a normal year. So, despite passing through the pleasant Libra season, most of us are rushing around taking care of the business of serviceable Virgo as shown by the triple tenancy of Jupiter, Venus and Mars in this highly useful sign.

We are also still in the waves of the total Lunar eclipse in Aries that occurred on Sunday, Sept 27th at 7:50pm, Pacific Time.

Many reported startlingly sudden, newsworthy events, decisions and accidents of a flammable nature, both good and bad. Early Libra and Aries persons were especially influenced, followed by those born in early Cancer and Capricorn.

Normally, we have sudden, flammable events within three months of an Aries eclipse. These have a general meaning for the world, and a specific meaning for you, depending on the house and planet in your natal the eclipse most strongly influenced. My popular book Eclipses and You, provides essential detail about all aspects of Aries eclipses (including medical) and also defines the life areas most influenced for your sign personally. It is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

However, what is often more eventful than the Aries eclipse date itself are the upcoming "trigger dates" that release the energy of this eclipse. Events can be expected at that time related to the theme of the eclipse (relationships, agreements, war-peace, fire, conflict, action, discovery). One of the most reliable triggers is that of Mars coming to hard angles or conjunction with any eclipse degree - in this case between 4-5 degrees of Aries. Then, we wait until the Moon does the same thing, and voila!...you have your date.

Between the 19th and 21st of November Mars will line up between these degrees in opposite sign Libra, while the Moon joins in from Aries on the 21st. This is where astrology comes in so handy.

For instance, if someone suffers from head pain, brain or eye disturbance, or temper fits, these dates increase heat and pressure. Knowing this, heat and stress can be prevented from rising in the head region. This is no time for bungee jumping! The same goes for all manner of relationships. Couples and nations at war should part company on these dates and do their mediation under more pleasant rays! Conversely, this energy can be used consciously, e.g., in finally making that major decision or perhaps finding the courage to change bad habits and get some much needed exercise!

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