May 2016 News

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May 2016 News

spring peoniesHappy Spring! The 2016 Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference #3 was a sell out! (April 30-May 1).

We had too much fun and left with hearts full of inspiration. Best of all, the torch of ancient knowledge lighted many new candles. The decor and music  surrounded us all with the special Renaissance vibration. The attendance included three generations, and approximately 80% women.

The interest in Medical Astrology combined with Herbology is clearly on the increase. 28% of  our attendees hailed from other states, and one arrived from Europe. Venus ingressed into earth sign Taurus on the night before opening, adding the perfect astral mood to otherwise fine aspects for this topic. We planned it that way, and truly, everything felt just right.

Speaker-producer Judith Hill and speakers Matthew Wood MSc., Sajah Popham and Scott Kloos complimented each other as perfectly as Fire, Earth, Air and Water. A live recording of the two-day event should be available in due time through my website and also through Wood, Popham and Kloos.

How many of you would attend a proposed two day intensive in Medical Astrology-Herbology, (with myself and one or two other teachers) in Portland, Oregon, next year in either April or September? And if so, what is your preferred month?
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(note: if you did not attend the conference, just ignore the other survey questions)

Of course, everyone is preoccupied with the upcoming election. I'm not in the business of political predictions, but can offer some information. Trump is born with "triple" masculine signs, with Mars rising in Leo! This is as male type energy as it gets. Clinton (it's sure interesting that Trump is called "Trump," but Clinton called "Hillary) is triple feminine signs, more precisely, triple Water signs. Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign all in water (that is what "triple" means).

In a sense, Trump and Clinton are energetic opposites. Both have very strong, powerful charts, and their personas fit their charts well - in a sense, what you see is what you get.

For years I've had my own method of judging American elections. I learned long ago that great aspects in a candidate's chart at the onset of an election does not mean they win. For instance, Geraldine Ferraro's aspects at the time she ran with Walter Mondale as America's first female Vice President were truly stellar, but she didn't win. "Great aspects" promises prominence, at the time of the election, and not necessarily victory. My method is quaint, simple, even foolish. However, it works. Elephants are ruled by Jupiter and Donkeys by Saturn. So we take the mascot of the Republicans as the Elephant and we all know that the Donkey is the assigned symbol for the Democrats. Compare Jupiter and Saturn and see which is stronger the day of the election. It looks neck-on-neck this year, with one of the two Chronocrats just slightly ahead.

Not to give the game away, I'll allow you astrologers who are advanced in your knowledge of planetary rulerships and dispositors to decide who wins the day (compare election opening and closing times).

The Renaissance medical system was a trifecta of astrology, herbology and physical examination. However the astrology of the period was based on a practical model now largely lost in today's psychological style interpretations. This approach while fascinating, valid and useful, has routed old astrology in a matter similar to invasive crab grass.  Psychological style astrology has grown in popularity since the onset of Psychology, though gained supremacy over traditional astrological paradigms in the USA in just the last three or four decades. Folks, let's not loose our roots! Thank God for Project Hindsight!

I prefer to call the old way of interpreting charts "Astral Mechanics," because thinking of planets as temperature, speed, action and color is mechanical in essence. Understanding planetary energetics allows a practical interpretation most useful in many of life's conundrums, including medical.

H. L.  Cornell, MD  (The Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology) and William Davidson, (Davidson's Medical Lectures) knew that Medical Astrology is astonishing. They both worked hard to bring it back, and Cornell wrote of his dream that Medical Astrology be returned to collegiate medical studies.

16 TENETS OF ASTRAL MECHANICS:  This is an addendum in my book
Eclipses and You. For those who wish to train their minds to think of planets as interactive
energetic mechanisms - so essential to medical astrology - this guide is well worth your reading time.
Eclipses and You
MEDICAL ASTROLOGY 101:  Be encouraged to check out my 12 module audio course on the website.

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