August 2016 News

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August 2016 News

360 degrees Summer Greetings to All,,

Finally some good news for those of you who follow my work who also enjoy online conferences! You can now hear me in interview online next month at the September 19th Astrology Hub's Summit!
My 60 minute interview  is entitled: "Medical Astrology, Why Is It So Useful?, was conducted by Amanda "Pua" Walsh, co-founder of The Astrology Hub. Here is the link! Please share it with friends who might enjoy this subject or other astrological topics. (There are many speakers participating in this several day online Summit event.) I believe the link will also remain open after the free, live event, with option to purchase. The talk will begin airing  on September 19th, 2016 at about 9AM Eastern/6AM Pacific time,and remain free for 24 hours. It will remain up after that point with option to purchase the Astrology Hub Summit conference event. Please use this link!

My simple, direct interview is designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this amazing "lost" tool, kept alive through the centuries by small numbers of intrepid physicians and dedicated astrologers. There must have been a reason for that! Listen and find out.

Those who hear this interview can never again think of the past medical heritage of Europe as nothing but "leeches and bleeding".  Rather, one discovers a remarkable and complex tradition, inclusive of curious methods that could (and have) saved many lives.

Disclaimer: The interview does not encourage the practice of medicine by unlicensed or unqualified persons. Content is for educational and historic purposes only.

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