Yearly Update Readings

Yearly Update Readings

Fee: $199* (90 min)
This is your basic “now and near future” reading. We look at where you are in your life cycle for most of your current concerns. This reading extends for twelve months from the reading date, except for special concerns that may require a longer look into time.

My approach: The planetary energies are viewed as “weather”. A good astrologer can predict the planetary weather, where it will be in your life, and for how long. You are viewed as “the farmer”. You work with the weather, and are responsible for your choices of activity and attitude. Knowing when to planet what tree, or to refrain, can be a marvelous assistance in life!

This astrologer assumes the position that you have  the free will to guide, use, enhance, or deflect the planetary tides accept in the cases of immutable karma and/or group destiny. The process is little different from a
weather man studying the earthly weather in order to best guide the commuters!

Q: Do you make predictions?
A: No, I do not make absolute predictions. I describe how planetary weather patterns might expand, contract, assist, energize or block specific areas of life during the year. I do not assume to make precise or absolute “predictions”. No one can predict what you will decide to do with these energies, or exactly how your physical and emotional system might react to them.

We know so little. The mind is stronger than the planetary energies in many instances. Still, we much benefit to understand the flow of the cosmos in order to harmonize our activities accordingly, for the most efficient results.

Q: What sorts of questions can I ask?
A: Questions regarding the "times" for health, career, romance, home, children, money, spiritual work, rest, and most of your basic life concerns. Many specific questions can be handled (you can send up to three in advance.
This is optional). However, Locality questions; "what is my best career?" questions; and mate comparisons are the province of individual readings devoted to those topics.

*Rate includes insured mailing.