Speaker Bios

Speaker Bios

THE 2017 LOST SECRETS OF RENAISSANCE MEDICINE: Herbs, Medical Astrology, Alchemy

Portland, Oregon August 12-13, 2017.

Produced by Judith Hill and The Renaissance School of Practical Astrology

Speaker Bios


Kira SutherlandKira Sutherland is an experienced Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Astrologer. She divides her time between clinical practice, writing and lecturing on health, well being and medical astrology. Kira is known for her vibrant, straight forward teaching style and has lectured in medical astrology across Australia, North America and Europe. In her private practice for over 20 years, Kira combines her knowledge in Naturopathy and her passion for Medical Astrology into a wonderful mix of mind/body medicine. www.kirasutherland.com.au and astrologyofhealth.com

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Judith HillJudith Hill is a master astrologer and award winning author of nine books including the classic Medical Astrololgy: Your Guide to Planetary Pathology and the classic The Astrological Body Types. She is also a Chartered Herbalist with The Dominion School of Herbal Sciences. Her scientific interests led her to complete ten years of statistical research in astro-genetics (with J. Thompson) and astro-seismology, (with M. Polit) resulting in several world published research works. Accepting an NCGR skeptic’s challenge, she perfectly matched five charts to five biographies in 1989, when she served as the Educational Director for the San Francisco National Council for Geocosmic Research and as a faculty member for The Institute of Stellar Influence Studies. Her interests in plant consciousness, life reverence, ancient medicine and history combine in the creation of The Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine conference. She is a professional musician and illustrator. As a publisher, she founded Stellium Press in 1992. She currently conducts a full range astrological practice and a genuine personal apprenticeship training through her Renaissance School of Practical Astrology.

Judith is the Creator/Producer of The Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference.

She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sajah PophamSajah Popham, founder of Organic Unity and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, is a seeker of the universal truths found within ancient and modern medical and spiritual traditions worldwide. His unique synthesis bridges herbalism not only east and west, but north and south, above and below. This universal philosophy encompasses indigenous wisdom, Ayurveda, western alchemy and spagyrics, astrology, clinical herbalism, and modern pharmacology for a truly new and holistic paradigm of herbalism. His approach utilizes plants not only for physical rejuvenation and healing, but also for the evolution of consciousness. Sajah’s teachings embody a heartfelt respect, honor and reverence for the vast intelligence of plants in a way that empowers us to look deeper into the nature of our medicines and ourselves. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife where he teaches and practices. For more information about his products and programs, visit www.organic-unity.com and www.evolutionaryherbalism.com


Marcus Romano Marcus runs a full service astrological practice, specializing in both practical and spiritual applications of the science. He is the long time lead apprentice and office associate of Master Astrologer Judith Hill. Marcus has studied thousands of astrological charts and developed an understanding of different branches of astrology, with a specific focus on the integration of "western" astrology and Jyotish (the astrology native to India). His special interest is in the astrological implications of psychological disorders, spiritual remediation techniques, and selecting safe surgery dates.

Marcus is a certified permaculture designer and studied at Cobb Cottage with master natural builder and naturalist Ianto Evans as his garden apprentice. Marcus has worked at numerous organic farms, been involved in rain forest reforestation projects in Panama and learned about usage of herbs in the western and Ayurvedic systems. He has also studied and is adept in multiple other related topics including numerology, yogic studies, anthropology, cross-cultural mythology, literary studies and the law. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.