THE 2017 LOST SECRETS OF RENAISSANCE MEDICINE: Herbs, Medical Astrology, Alchemy

August 12-13, 2017 Portland, Oregon

Ticket Prices

  • $125 - Early bird registration through June 1. $135 after June 1.
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  • $150 at door (If there is space. Please note that seating is limited.)
  • $75 - Day rate (day passes will be released in April if available)
  • GROUP RATES: Three or more persons: $120 each. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


REFUNDS: Full refund (minus paypal surcharges both ways) will be made if your request is made before August 7th (one full week in advance of conference opening.) No refund is available after August 7th if we are sold out and have turned away persons who would have taken your seat. However, if we have not sold out at the time you cancel, a three quarters refund (minus surcharges) will be available. Chances are good that we will sell out, so be sure to request a refund as early as possible and also check Facebook for persons seeking tickets after sell out.

TICKET SEEKERS: Last year after sell-out, last minute cancellers were quickly able to sell their tickets to new attendees on Facebook. Please check Facebook for posting of tickets-for-sale, and news of sell-out.